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Electronic Post Charter Survey

Scan a QR code

By simply scanning a unique QR code in the cabin, guests can quickly and easily submit
a post charter feedback on the last day of the charter. We will report trend analysis.

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Charter yacht Star-Grading and Accreditation

Proprietary vessel grading software

Streamlining the crewed charter yacht industry by implementing a standard
against which all vessels can be measured. Vessel grading creates differentiation.

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Make your vessel stand out!

Independently vetted

Having your vessel independently vetted by grading software largely removes
bias and subjectivity, while ensuring guest confidence, as boats need to meet
requirements to secure each star awarded.

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Attract more customers

Exclusively marketing star-graded vessels

Get accredited and stand out from the crowd. Even vessels with the same star grading
are differentiated where differentiation exists.

Global Charter Yacht Grading Council

Pioneering the introduction of the charter industries first-ever Electronic Post Charter Survey and Star Grading and Accreditation service, followed by a brokerage that exclusively markets star graded vessels.

With many years of experience in business analysis, data analytics and commercial chartering, we believe that we can contribute to your business by focusing on and impact directly on the Pre and Post-charter areas of your business.

  • Pre-charter: Using proprietary vessel accreditation software, boats are graded, thereafter owners may market and publish stars awarded on marketing brochures, pamphlets and websites.
  • Post-charter: Using an online electronic survey, guests simply scan a QR code in the cabin, we capture, analyze, collate and disseminate KPI trends as appropriate.
  • Post-charter: Yacht brokerage, marketing star graded vessels exclusively.

By partnering with specialists, we consider ourselves a software as a service (SaaS), service provider. Our focus is on the charter yacht industry and through our experience of working as Captains we really do understand the needs of the crew, guests, and owners.

We aim to help you understand your guests better and to increase repeat/referral business by deploying tried and tested technology, while at the same time extending to you a framework that will set your vessel apart. Want to know more, post an inquiry or read on.