About Us

Who We Are?

The Global Charter Yacht Grading Council was created by brothers; Alfred and Roland Schaeffer.

Alfred was previously a shareholder in an online booking and reservation company that marketed star graded hotels, self-catering apartments, and guest houses nationally in South Africa. Additionally, he has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and providing data analysis to large Enterprise organizations and offers the same skills to analyze and interpret data in a way that is meaningful to boat owners and crew. Alfred was exposed to the crewed charter yacht industry through his brother and jointly they discussed introducing services into the crewed charter yacht industry that would not only build a sustainable business but would improve and uplift the industry. Alfred then got his RYA Captains license and worked as a charter yacht Captain, with the sole intention to learn about the operational side of the term-charter industry. Alfred has completed the online CYBA broker's course.

Roland Schaeffer has more than 20 years of commercial business experience. He was previously a General Manager for a National dental company in South Africa and he has also owner-managed a National dental supply company. Additionally, he is an Ocean RYA Captain and has worked in the crewed charter industry for over 15 years. Roland is currently the Captain of a term-charter vessel in the British Virgin Islands and has served on numerous alternative charter boats at varying price points. Roland sits on the board of the Charter Yacht Society.

While they see an opportunity to build a successful business, they also feel that the industry will benefit from vessel accreditation and the introduction of the hospitality sectors hotel star-grading system and electronic post charter guest satisfaction survey. These quality control services are being delivered in a phased approach.

The brothers are the first to admit that the intellectual property lies within the grading software and not within the people managing the business or even with the grading assessors, who would ideally have a background in the charter industry. It is for this reason that the proprietary accreditation software (trademark pending) is being designed alongside specialists with a background in statistics, data and business analysis.

Our Team

  • Alfred Schaeffer
    Operations Director

    Alfred specialised in International expansion taking listed companies into the Asian market. His flair for marketing and business development makes him comfortable in the Operations Director role.

  • Roland Schaeffer

    Roland's combination of commercial business and 15 years experience working as a Captain on term charters on numerous charter vessels at various price points, positions him superbly in a consulting role.

  • Jasmin Zainul
    Development and Technology Partner

    CEO of Jazz IT Ltd. Specialized in providing high-quality services, accelerating corporate growth by utilizing online technology and creating customized business solutions.