About the Electronic survey

It is a fact that you cannot improve what you don’t accurately measure - introducing real-time customized electronic post charter surveys!

How well do you really know your guests and how informed are you about their experience after leaving your boat?
More importantly, how easily and accurately are you able to collate, analyze, compile and disseminate guest post-charter assessments, especially over an extended period of time?

Gone are the days of email or paper-based post charter assessments. What's the point? Seldom, does anyone actually collate, compile, analyze or disseminate this valuable information.

Now, with the electronic post charter survey, we will handle post charter reporting, the results of which will be compiled to increase crew and guest satisfaction and with happier guests, your repeat and referral business should be favorably influenced.

QR codes are nothing new? Correct; however, using our service could include some or all of the following. See costs in the "cost" tab:

 Account manager
 Consulting support
 Standard reports
 Personalized reports
 KPI alerts
 Email notifications
 Trend analysis
 Dashboard reporting
 Comparative analyses unlimited boats or bases
 Data collated, analyzed, compiled & disseminated
 KPI highlights/lowlights
 Complete statistical summary
 Unlimited survey responses
 Campaign management