Get your boat independently vetted and receive your boats star grading & accreditation

The Global Charter Yacht Grading Council is introducing a star-grading and accreditation service that is based on the Internationally recognized hotel star grading platform that has been configured to the charter yacht industry (80ft and under). This will be followed by working alongside 3rd party brokers who will market your accredited vessel/s. Star-grading & accreditation services have been benefiting the hospitality industry for many years and it is well known that accredited or star-graded entities like hotels, receive more interest, and in principle, more inquiries, and ultimately more bookings, than their non-accredited counterparts. The charter yacht industry is no different and we are setting out to prove this.

In preparation for the official launch in the coming months, we are extending a limited invitation to all clearing-houses and their owners who would be interested in participating in a soft launch of this industry-leading initiative. The purpose of the soft launch would be to give owners and crew the opportunity to influence and shape the process; while at the same time supporting us to consolidate and fine tune the grading software. Interested owners are requested to make their crew available for consultation (telephonic or in person) and to make their vessel available for a walk-through by an assessor at your convenience of time and location. Partaking owners would then be exempt from paying the standard USD 450 vessel assessment fee in recognition of your effort to support this program.

Once officially launched, vessel assessment costs would apply to all owners who did not partake in the soft launch and owners who did take part would only need to pay to have their vessel assessed in year 2. We are that confident about the success of this initiative, that we are offering a free 12-month membership to all accredited vessels which may then be published online by us. Owners may advertise and reflect their star grading on any marketing brochures or 3rd party websites. Prior to the expiry of the 12-month free membership, owners will be given an opportunity to officially subscribe to ongoing services (see the standard membership pricing options in the FAQ portion of the website) or opt out, in which case vessels will be removed from our brokerage site and the use of the vessel star grading will also be retracted and may no longer be published due to trademark laws.

To reserve your vessel, simply complete the inquiry form, but please note that we are limiting the number of vessels.

  • Get the edge over non-accredited vessels!
  • Owners get access to brokers, who can market vessels as they wish.
  • Vessels with the same star-grading will reflect any differentiation that may exist.
  • The industries first brokerage to specialise in marketing star graded / accredited vessels.
  • Rather than discount rates, our brokers will suggest guests select a lower star-graded option.
  • Assessments include credible quality control pertaining to maintenance schedules.
  • Once graded and subscribed, owners may publish their star rating on any marketing brochure or 3rd party website.