How is the electronic post charter survey performed?

How is the electronic post charter survey performed?

So how do you get to know your guests better, especially where boats are trying to improve service delivery and increase bookings?

The Global Charter Yacht Grading Council can help by extending an Electronic post charter survey and distributing a unique QR code which should be made available in the cabins. This makes it easy for guests to complete and submit their charter experience in private. Guest feedback is more timely, secure, paperless and accurate as responses are done on the last day of the charter, not once the holiday is over and the blues have set in.

Get a sense of how your customer's experience was with the crew and overall charter. Flexible and customized question formats to accommodate issues that could include quality and quantity of meals, alcohol selection, general vessel comfort/condition or activities and itineraries, service levels and guests willingness to book again. The options are virtually limitless.

We will set up triggers or notifications every time a guest wants to be contacted or to escalate issues, ensuring timely resolutions. No more guesswork or assumptions about your guests experience with the crew or boat. The Electronic post charter survey offers a simple overview of your visiting guests experience on one or all your boats, and with the additional services of receiving compiled analytical reports, your crew can simply focus on the results.

The Electronic post charter survey is delivered in a concise, well compiled and analytical report revealing trends associated with key performance indicators.

It has never been easier!

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