Vessel Comparison (under development)

Guests can now include a much broader range of criteria which includes a star grading. For the first time, guests can be assured of the minimum criteria to expect as each star awarded has a minimum set of requirements for vessels to secure. For years owners have solely relied on brokers to vet their boats; however, how are standards assured? We see immense value in measuring all vessels against the same set of criteria and aim to largely remove as much bias and subjectivity that until now, has been impossible to achieve.


The results of using the advanced search capabilities can be seen here, where a list of all of the boats matching unique guest search criteria which include vessels star grading, price, location, length cabins and other specific criteria like TV in cabins, land-based activities, water sports, etc are displayed. The unique differentiating factor here now is that from this point, guests can drill down even further by simply clicking the checkboxes of the selected vessels. At this point, guests can further analyze their selection by clicking "compare".


This page shows the results of using the yacht comparison selector feature. Here vessels are displayed in accordance with the original search criteria like price and star grading, but now also include a display of each vessels unique differentiating factors. This enables comparative vessel selection by clearly understanding what those comparative factors are. Until now, no other company provides this level of advanced searching.