Why Get Graded?

Why does anyone undergo compliance or regulation? The answer is, to show that their vessel or establishment has been independently vetted and verified to a standard. That standard ensures guests can have confidence that their selection meets with health and safety, as well as comfort expectations associated with the relative star grading. Star ratings are an internationally recognised symbol for quality and safety standards. They are used in more than 70 countries worldwide and reflect the cleanliness, quality and condition of guest facilities. Star ratings are a mark of quality: if a vessel has a 3-star rating, guests can be assured that the vessel has met the standards expected of a quality 3-star boat; likewise if a vessel has a 5-star rating, it has met the standards expected of a quality 5-star boat. Each star rating attracts its own clientele. No different to the hotel industry. Likewise, a 3-star entity cannot charge 5-star rates and 5-star entities cannot offer a 3-star product. To say that a 3-star vessel is underperforming against a 4-star vessel is unfair as we need to be comparing like for like. A 3-star vessel should be compared to other 3-star vessels. Accreditation ensures this and also ensures charter rates are aligned to each category. Guests are protected against paying 5-star rates for a 3-star product and owners charter rates need no longer be challenged as brokers should simply direct guests with a lesser budget, to a lower star-graded boat. So, you think your boat doesn't need a star rating because, in your opinion, it's a quality product? Funny that the Burj Al Arab in Dubai is considered by many as a seven-star hotel even though there is no such thing as an official seven-star rating. The Burj Al Arab is a “five-star deluxe hotel” on the standard rating system.. That being said, if a hotel as prestigious as the Burj Al Arab, considered by many as a 7-star hotel, is prepared to be graded and is comfortable to be considered a 5-star hotel, along with all of the other 5 star hotels, don't you think your boat should be accredited too? You may think your vessel is a top product, but only once it has been independently graded, will it be seen as such in the eyes of the consumer and as long as your competitors are accredited, they will always remain to be seen as more premium. Sure, unaccredited vessels will continue to get bookings, but only once the accredited vessels calendars are unavailable. Why wait, get accredited now!